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10 Crucial Ingredients to Website Credibility

Does your website include them all? Creating and maintaining a business website is a strategic, proactive task. It is your shop window, through which your online customers will peer and decide whether to have a browse around. Like a tangible, high street shop, you need to avail yourself to your customer, without ramming a sale …


10 steps for better search results local businesses – Part 2

In the first instalment of optimising your website for a local audience, we looked at 5 steps: keywords, optimisation, Google Local, local business listing websites and consistency. Get these 5 steps right and in place, and your website could feature more prominently in local search engine results, perfect if people through the door is part of …


10 small steps to better search engine rankings for LOCAL businesses – Part 1

Steps 1 to 5 of how to rank better in terms of being a local business (steps 6 to 10 to follow on….) Let’s starts this two-part article with a rhetorical question – would you like MORE customers? (sits back, makes more tea and dunks another biscuit) Of course you do. Anyone running their own business …


Return of Investment on content marketing – another useless exercise?

Content Marketing, a ‘buzz phrase’ that umpteen blogs and articles are all talking about. Just when you think you have a handle on it, ‘they’ (the experts, unseen and anonymous) tell us we should be measuring the return of investment of content. Yawn. But, is there some mileage in it? Always conscious of exploring new …


How marketing to the modern man is changing…

Admit it, when you think of marketing and customers, you automatically think of women. And to a certain extent, we can forgive you for that. In most cases, women tend to make the purchasing decision, especially when linked to certain kinds of products and services. However, marketing to the modern man means that you are …