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5 minute read: how to create a #hashtag campaign

Hashtags are a great way of connecting and engaging with an audience but, in order for them to become the marketing vehicle you want or need them to be, you need to take several steps. Follow our 5 minute how to guide and your hashtag could become an almost too-hot-to-handle-social-media-campaign… Step 1: Find out what …


How to avoid pitfalls and reap the rewards – a ‘how to’ guide for local websites

With the marriage of Twitter and Foursquare on the cards, it has, once again, thrown light on a sticky patch that many local businesses encounter, especially when creating their presence online; just HOW do you reach the local populace whilst using global online platforms? What is the point? And why, oh why, do you need a …


The Marriage of Twitter and FourSquare

March 2015 saw an announcement from Twitter that they will partner with Foursquare to pinpoint ‘location tagging in tweets’. But, what does this mean for you and your business… if anything at all? Let’s examine the facts… Recently, we have looked at how local business, who rely on local customers can harness the global power …


The Value of the Landing Page

The online world is full of links, all competing to grab the attention of the thousands of passing eye balls per hour; some will blink and stay long enough to engage/buy/sell/comment/like/share and so on. Links are all signpost to ‘Somewhere’; some may be pointing at ‘Nowhere’, a land bereft on the vast continent of the …


10 Crucial Ingredients to Website Credibility

Does your website include them all? Creating and maintaining a business website is a strategic, proactive task. It is your shop window, through which your online customers will peer and decide whether to have a browse around. Like a tangible, high street shop, you need to avail yourself to your customer, without ramming a sale …


10 steps for better search results local businesses – Part 2

In the first instalment of optimising your website for a local audience, we looked at 5 steps: keywords, optimisation, Google Local, local business listing websites and consistency. Get these 5 steps right and in place, and your website could feature more prominently in local search engine results, perfect if people through the door is part of …